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Premier League Clubs Opt to Retain VAR for Upcoming Season

Premier League Clubs Opt to Retain VAR for Upcoming Seasonillustration

Premier League clubs convened on Thursday and resolved to uphold the utilization of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for the forthcoming season, declining a proposition to abandon the technology despite previous controversies.

During the league's annual general meeting, all 20 teams voted in favor of sustaining VAR, aiming to implement enhancements for the betterment of the and its supporters.

The league disclosed intentions to expedite decision-making processes, particularly emphasizing the introduction of semi-automated offside technology. This innovation aims to streamline the determination of offside infractions by employing optical player tracking for quicker and consistent placement of virtual offside lines.

In addition to prioritizing swifter decision-making, the league aims to uphold a stringent threshold for VAR intervention while emphasizing enhanced training to ensure consistency and accuracy, with an emphasis on promptness.

To enhance the fan experience, in-stadium announcements and big screen replays will be introduced where feasible.

The decision came following a resolution proposed by Wolverhampton Wanderers last month, citing concerns over the adverse impact of VAR on the fan-football relationship and the Premier League brand.

VAR has been in operation in the Premier League since the 2019-20 season, with the league reporting an increase in correct decisions from 82% prior to its introduction to 96% last season.

Despite the overall improvement in decision accuracy, notable errors have occurred, including a high-profile incident in a match between Tottenham and last season, where a miscommunication led to the disallowance of a goal by Luis Diaz despite clear replays confirming the player's onside position.

The league announced plans to introduce semi-automated offside technology in autumn 2024, alongside ongoing efforts to lobby the Association Board for increased flexibility, particularly advocating for live video and audio broadcast during VAR reviews.

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