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Bronny James: NBA Draft Betting Buzz

Bronny James: NBA Draft Betting Buzzillustration

Bronny James emerges as a notable figure in the 2024 draft landscape, drawing attention due to the potential allure of his legendary father, LeBron James, potentially joining a team via free agency. This familial connection is driving substantial activity in betting markets surrounding the younger James' draft prospects.

FanDuel reports that Bronny James has garnered 30% of the total wagers to be selected as the first overall pick by the Atlanta Hawks, making him the most favored player at the sportsbook. BetMGM data indicates an even higher level of interest, with 36.8% of bets backing the , significantly surpassing the second-most favored player, Alex Sarr, who holds 14% of the wagers.

Despite being initially omitted from the No. 1 overall market at DraftKings, James has been added to the field as of recent updates. He currently maintains consensus odds of 200-1 alongside Purdue's Zach Edey, marking the longest odds on the board. The disparity between betting interest and odds suggests that many small-money bettors are intrigued by the prospect of an unlikely scenario. Notably, ESPN's latest mock draft projects James as a late-second-round selection.

In terms of betting handle, FanDuel reports that James holds merely 6% of the total, while BetMGM's figure stands at 4.1%. This contrasts sharply with Sarr's commanding 65.5% share of the handle at the latter sportsbook. Halvor Egeland, senior trader at BetMGM, downplays concerns about potential liabilities, noting that wagers placed on James are predominantly modest, with none exceeding $100.

While the consensus among odds and draft analysts suggests that James being chosen as the first overall pick is highly improbable, various betting markets remain active for the young prospect. Both DraftKings and BetMGM offer odds on which team will draft Bronny James, with LeBron James' current team, the Los Angeles Lakers, emerging as the favorite at +180 odds. DraftKings indicates that 33% of bets and 60% of the handle favor the Lakers, whereas BetMGM reports the , LeBron's former team, as the handle leader with 34.8% backing at 10-1 odds.

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