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Joel Embiid Focuses on Championship After MVP Win

Joel Embiid Focuses on Championship After MVP Winillustration

, the Philadelphia 76ers star, expressed his determination to shape his legacy through victories following his recent MVP accolade. In an interview with ESPN's Tim Bontemps, Embiid emphasized that while individual awards hold significance, securing an NBA title remains paramount in defining his career.

"I'm at the point where there is no award that is going to change my legacy, but the main one is the championship," Embiid stated.

Reflecting on his team's recent playoff performance, Embiid, who faced a first-round exit last season, discussed the potential impact of new teammate Paul George. He highlighted George's playing style as complementary to his own, noting the importance of shooters alongside him.

"I think as far as the fit, it looks amazing," Embiid commented. "When you've got a player that posts up, that isos quite a bit, you need to have willing shooters and guys that are not afraid to pull the trigger."

Addressing his health concerns, Embiid acknowledged the critical role of maintaining fitness for his career progression.

"I just believe that if I just get that one chance to be free and healthy, along with my teammates, I believe we can beat anybody," he affirmed.

Embiid, who overcame early-career injuries including foot ailments and recent surgery, also battled health challenges during the previous NBA season, including Bell's palsy during a play-in game.

Looking ahead, Embiid's focus now turns to representing the United States in the upcoming Olympics, a decision reflecting his commitment to pursuing international success.

Joel Embiid remains determined to enhance his NBA legacy through his pursuit of championship success, with the upcoming season offering him another opportunity to strive towards this goal.

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